Stocks For US equi­ties, ETFs offer a higher per­cent­age (10%) of attrac­tive invest­ment options than mutual funds (1%) at a lower cost. The rad­i­cally higher num­ber of US equity mutual funds (4,700+) ver­sus ETFs...
1 0 doug Nov 30, 2011 in Stocks in the investment arena have been drawing analogies to the 1930s for several years now, of course. While such speculation died down somewhat when the market was behaving well in 2010 and early this year, it has returned with a gusto in recent weeks, owing...
1 0 doug Sep 23, 2011 in Stocks Uncertain future makes equities look much riskier... My thinking has changed a lot over the last few months. I began to get bullish last summer, just before Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke announced the second round of the Fed’s...
1 1 doug Jul 16, 2011 in Stocks With the IPO market now blown wide-open, and the media completely infatuated with frothy trades in the bubbly late stage private market, it is common to see articles that reference both “valuation” and “revenue” and suggest that...
1 0 doug May 25, 2011 in Stocks
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