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If you approve a car loan and you discover that there were some issues, and you default the loan, what happens after that?

The dealer ship found a lender to approve me for a car, I signed the contract on 12/6/14.I post dated two checks for the down payment and they gave me 500.00 for my car. I had and emergency I was to flight out for new York on 12/11/14.I didn't think things through, I didn't have the car check out. the check engine light came on Tuesday 2/9/14.I took it back to them, their mechanic cleared the code, stated that I might have put some bad gas in the car, I had the car checked by my mechanic.he stated that it the sound like my steer pump was goingbad, another mechanic stated that the idol pulley was bad. the check engine light came back on the dealer checked it and found that the thermostat needed to be replaced, I informed them of these issues they got very nasty, said to me it was my car NOW and I should have checked the car out before I purchased it. I contacted the lean holders the informed them of my concerns and issues with the car they, they denied the loan,what happens now

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