Diversification is a general technique for reducing risk of investment. Each risk-averse investor needs to diversify to some extent in order to minimize the volatility in their portfolio. Volatility is limited by the fact that not all assets move up and...  more »

There are numerous options to defer income or accelerate deductions, you will definitely find the ones you are eligible to in our list: You can lower your adjusted gross income through tax deductions for education expenses up to $4,000 per year. For...  more »

The way you’ll be trading is one of the vital components of your trading plan, which not only guarantees your success but also makes your trade secure. However, though trading method is undoubtedly important, you cannot overlook money management and...  more »

Are you currently saving money? If you are saving money, how are you doing it? Hopefully you are safely stocking all of your money away into a financial institution of your choice. Keeping large amounts of money lying around the house may not be the best...  more »

Whenever there is talking about binary trading, many questions come in the minds of people. This article would try to answer these questions. By binary trading, we mean digital options. These options are best for those who want to trade in FOREX and...  more »

Gold is a metal that has a long history as an investment haven in times of financial mayhem. The gold price reached historical highs in the year 2009 while there was a severe financial recession throughout the world. Surprisingly during that time, the...  more »

These indicators are important to investors when defining their strategy and making their decisions. Below you can find a list of major economic indicators: Beige Book The book is a summary of current economic conditions in each of the Federal Reserve...  more »

Stock market volatility indicates that the future is still uncertain. When choosing stocks, several factors need to be taken into consideration. We have to examine growth, financial solvency, stock price performance and volatility. We have selected...  more »

A mutual fund is an open-end fund operated by an investment company that raises money from people and invests it in stocks, bonds, money market instruments or other assets. Each investor in the fund owns shares that represent a part of these holdings....  more »

Healthy investor-friendly corporations that earn a profit pay out a percentage of their earnings to their shareholders as dividends thus ensuring a source of continuous passive income stream for them. Due to the recent financial crisis, many people are...  more »

The stock market may look a bit scary because you may fear losing your money. Investment risk can be lowered by knowledge. A beginning investor has to read a lot about finance, accounting, financial statements, the stock market and the companies traded...  more »

Recession fears have sent the major stock market indices into a downward spiral again. The economy suffered the mortgage crisis and credit problems recently, and now there is a lot of talk about another recession. This brings new challenges and new...  more »

Everybody has to save money to be able to fulfill long-term goals, to buy a house, finance studies of children or to enjoy years of retirement. This money needs to be invested. But what is the best place to put your hard-earned money? There are no...  more »

Mutual funds became popular as they offer the advantages of diversification and professional management even for small investors. People who want to save money for retirement or other financial goals often choose mutual funds. If you do not have much time...  more »

When you want to start trading the Forex market the first step is opening an account with a brokerage. Finding a reliable online broker is not easy, as a large number of Forex brokers offer their services, each presenting itself as the best in the market....  more »

Over the past years we have experienced the biggest financial disruption in history since the Great Depression. Governments took several measures to restore confidence, but their monetary policy results in record deficits. This will increase inflation....  more »

Merger and acquisition – these two terms are often used as if they are synonyms, but they have varying implications. But, they don’t mean the same. In business circles, the term mergers and acquisitions are often abbreviated as M & A. Read...  more »

Forex trading can be one of the best home based business, but unfortunately a lot of beginning traders loose their money on the currency exchange. Trading can be profitable, but it has numerous risks. Currency trading can be dangerous for someone with no...  more »

Financial and investment planning is not a trifle matter, which anybody can perform at ease; by all means, it is a crucial function, and must be done with maximum attention to detail. The core cause for this is that capital and investment market will be...  more »

1. Warren Buffet The Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Berkshire Hathaway is the best known investor and one of the richest and most influential persons in the world. In 1999 he was named the top money manager of the twentieth century in a survey by...  more »

We have talked previously in other posts about being prepared for the worst, including structural damage to your home, loss of contents due to flood or fire damage and, indeed, theft. But what if your property was rendered unsafe due to subsidence, heave...  more »