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On a loan that hasn't been paid for over over 7 years, can it be removed from my credit report? 11/2002, 60 mo., bal. $0, condition: ope

Opened: 11/1/02 + 60 payments = 10/30/07 + 7 yrs. = 10/30/2014. But, no payments for over 9 years. Hospitalized in mental facility and couldn't function well and now have no means to repay. They say it is an Open account but the balance is $0 ( probably deducted as uncollectable loan). I still have a mental disability. May I legally take it off my credit report or can the bank keep it listed and for how long? I would like to dispute the debt to clear up my credit report but am unfamiliar with this situation and rules regarding credit report laws.

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