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Transferring mutual funds to revocable living trust, under grantor's SSN; I'm grantor & trustee. Is this GrantorTrust orTrustUnd

I'm creating a Revocable Living Trust to avoid probate, using Nolo Press books. I'm the grantor & the sole trustee during my lifetime. All my finances are handled just the same as before I had the trust. Income tax is reported under my social security number. The only purpose of the trust is to pass my assets easily to my heirs after I die, without probate. I have a successor trustee who will take over after my death, but I am the only trustee during my life.
I have a very small mutual fund account with Vanguard, which I am putting in the trust. I need to change the name on the Vanguard account from "Jane Doe" to "Jane Doe, as trustee of the Jane Doe Living Trust." Vanguard says they need to
know whether this is a Grantor Trust or Trust Under Agreement. So far, they're the only ones who need this information. From the definitions, it sounds to me like this is a Grantor Trust, but I would very much appreciate another opinion from anyone knowledgeable

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