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Zero growth

Zero growth Definition

Zero growth is a concept that all economic activities should aim at the equilibrium state rather than continuing growth which ultimately leads to overshoot and the following collapse of the system.

The main question is: can continuous growth in the context of finite resources lead to prosperity? It seems contradictory, yet in most people's minds growth implies prosperity. It's so axiomatic that no proof is required or sought. But is this belief, as universally held as was once the notion that the earth is flat, be a truism, derived from faulty, simplistic observation, as wrong as was that earlier mistaken assumption?

As the Zero Growth Initiative puts it: "In boasting of our prosperity, our economic growth, are we like lemmings boasting of how many miles they have advanced in a day. Are we as blind to our ultimate fate as those lemmings scurrying merrily to the awaiting sea? The warnings are as obvious as the view out the window in any of our great cities on a sultry summer day and as veiled as a chemical reaction happening in an ionized stratum far above our growth-distracted heads. "


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