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Define treasury management. Describe treasury responsibilites.

what is the role of information technology in treasury management?

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The aim of treasury management is the strategic management of financial capital. In the frame of this process finance managers check the cash inflow and outflow of the company in order to maintain the liquidity of business. Furthermore treasury management covers management of funds, currencies, banks and financial risks. Management of the capital needs of the company and investment of funds has to be in accordance with the organization's strategic plan.

Treasury managers rely on technology more than ever before. Treasury management systems provide access to information from throughout the company and help make decisions. Automated treasury management solutions include spreadsheet-based solutions, ERP solutions and specialized treasury management systems.
The growing usage of information technology improves the overall operations of the financial organization. Manual operations are not efficient because of the duplication of effort in settlement and accounting processes. Manual operations are too slow and require rigorous controls in order to minimize errors.

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