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I want to do some business how can i start it for better future?

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Business has many risks these days. I would suggest you to start a business on the side before or after your normal job. This will reduce your risks and ensure health insurance the entire time.

You need to find a product or service that will sell immediately by looking around in your neighborhood. Most probably you will be able to start small, with one or two sales, but every sale will build on itself.

Be prepared that you will have to spend a lot of time selling your product or service. For example, you will find that for every ten customers you meet, you sell one unit; and to get ten appointments, you must make one hundred telephone calls. First make a decision to make one hundred calls a week. If you find that making one hundred calls a week is impossible, you will be able to modify that number, but that will bring less sales. You can also place advertisements in order to get customers.

I think you can try to sell something online,at first you can do it on ebay or something.If you don't know what you want to do ,you can try jewelry ,we can do dropship,that means you don't need to buy prodcut from us until you get the order.Our Web is htttp://

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