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Re: Trailing Stop $-- If ordered .50 (no lower than $7.50). Stock jumps to $10.00. Am I stopped out @ $9.50 or below?

I ALSO want to know once it is "stopped out" does it become a market order?

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Yes, I believe you would be stopped out at $9.50, since your trailing stop was for 0.50 cents and at that point it would become a Market (Sell) Order.
I learned so much today. Thank you very much. I finally got courageous enough to put a trailing stop order in and was able to watch how the stop price got adjusted UP. My order did NOT become a Market Order today. Instead I was able to watch (without fear) as my stock jumped 7.25% today! I still own the shares at a nice gain. In the past I would have sold too early. Thanks again! Red1 –  red1  Jan 19th, 2012 at 3:34 AM

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