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What are companies involved in societal markets?

companies involved as well as their social development

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Companies involved in societal markets take into account society's long-term welfare. They try to do more than just selling goods, their aim is to work for the benefit of the consumers and the society. These companies deliver quality services or products in a way that society's well being is maintained.

Their activities include maintaining ethical and environmental policies and working for sustainable development.

Well known companies involved in societal markets are, for example:

- ADIDAS provides a fair salary for local workers in the under-developed countries, avoids under-age employees, supports local community sports, sports events and talents.

- AVON started a breast cancer awareness crusade. Avon sale representatives raised billion of dollars for breast cancer education and access to early detection services for underserved women.

- Body Shop, a cosmetic company that uses only vegetable based materials for its products. It is also campaigning against animal testing, and supports community trade.

- Haagen-Dazs supports honeybee preservation through raising awareness about honeybees' disappearing at an alarming rate. It is donating a portion of revenue from its Honeybee brand to research on the issue.

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