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What are the activities expected of a Treasury Manager?


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Activities of a Treasury Manager include:

- Raising funding to finance the business, from bank debt to equity finance, finding investors and discovering the best borrowing rates available, issuing bonds, negotiating the terms of loans.
- Forecasting the company’s cash needs to run the businesses.
- Looking at the organisation’s business and financial strategies and determining the optimum solution to mesh the two together. Answering the fundamental questions as to what assets the business should invest in and what capital structure should be put in place to raise the money to make the investments.
- Understanding what business and financial risks the company is exposed to and considering whether the returns generated are sufficient to justify taking those risks. Hedging risks with counterbalancing exposures created through the financial markets, or insurance taken out to protect the company’s financial health.
- Running the treasury function, taking in its overall policies, the procedures, staffing, systems and controls, and the relationships with parties within and outside the group.

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